Sports Statements for week of June 18 ‘

The camp isn’t going to be held from June 29-July 6, and individual days could be cancelled due to bad weather. The camp is open to students and older.

Community Instruction summer camps

South Washington County Schools Community Education is sponsoring summer sports camps and clinics for girls and boys in grades K-12. Camps and clinics include strength and conditioning, basketball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, dodgeball, cheerleading, dance and physical education games (elementary ages) . Various Skyhawks Sports Camps are also accessible. Varsity trainers offer camps at all three high schools in District 833. Camps are held at various high schools and middle schools through the school district. Classes begin June 9 and run through Aug. 8. Price is $20-$150 per session. Financial assistance can be obtained, thus contact. Registration deadlines depend on camp beginning dates.

Youth tennis camps are being offered by East Ridge Athletic Association. The first camp will be Monday to Thursday, June 23-26, and offered by East Ridge head coach Jon Rydberg, a PTR- certified teaching professional, and the Raptors girls tennis team. It’s open to boys and girls ages 8-15 of all abilities. It’s going to be from 9 a.m. to noon daily. Cost: $140.

It is open to girls and boys ages 5-12 of all skills. It will be from 10 a.m. to midday. Price: $95. Registering for both camps will cost 5, a savings. The camps are open to youth from communities and all area schools. There are about 10 places staying in each camp. To register, go to and click the “tennis” tab to find enrollment information.

Summer running practice

The practice will be offered twice a week starting in June and run thru the end of July. The clinic will occur at Woodbury High School. The practice structure for each session also include an organization and will include a subject of the day workout/training run which is supervised by the clinic instructor. All participants will receive your own training program. All pupils who are considering participating in cross country in the fall should participate in this summer clinic. All sessions start on Wednesdays and Mondays at 8:00am. Price is $35. E-Mail Rachael Davis .

East Ridge volleyball Summer Skills Academy

The East Ridge Athletic Association and East Ridge High School girls volleyball program invites one to register for girls entering grades three through nine for the ERAA/ERHS Summer Skills Academy. The Skills Academy will focus on all aspects of the game accentuating fundamentals. Players will be skill- set and tested in groups of volleyball ability and similar age. Players with more expertise receive an opportunity to practice position unique skills, hone in on areas of needed improvement and receive education and training in the ERHS team of coaches. All skills will be covered including passing, setting, hitting, digging, obstructing, and serving as well as team defensive and offensive systems. The Skills Academy comprises eight dates, Mondays and Wednesdays from June 9 to July 9, excluding the week of July 4, from 4-6 p.m. at the East Ridge gymnasium. The deadline is approaching rapidly. Cost 0 per player.

ERHS Autumn Sports Registration Launching in July

East Ridge High School’s Fall Sports Online Enrollment will open on July 15 . To register your sportsman for MSHSL Fall Sports, please visit the East Ridge High School Website. On July 15th Sports Registration will open on the home page under ‘Hot Topics’, click the link ‘Autumn’. This link will take you to our fit webpage with enrollment info that is significant. Once the advice has been read by you, you may find a way to click on a link to the actual registration website. This site may have regarding how exactly to Log in directions. If you are going to want your student or financial assistance is going to be a team manager or you’ll exceed the household maximum fee payment please follow the special instructions at the bottom of the webpage. Please be sure your sportsman has a sports physical on file before you register and it will not expire before 11/22/14. The sports physical is good for 3 years in the test date. Registration will close on July 30.

East Ridge Soccer Club will hold three, four- U5-U8 week Lil Raptors Training Academy sessions for ages. The cost of each session is and contains a Tshirt. Professional trainers will run this program at local soccer fields in Woodbury and Cottage Grove. Enrollment is open Soccer Developmental page.

East Ridge K 5 girls basketball camp

Players will be grouped by age and ability, generally creating three or two age groups within the camp. Young players will learn invaluable essential abilities plus the start measures of competition and teamwork. Many fun match-like competitive practices and skills competitions will make this a fun four days of basketball. The camp will be led by the East Ridge girls basketball coaching staff. Players attending will receive an East Ridge basketball Tshirt. Register through the ERAA basketball website or through South Washington County Community Education.

East Ridge girls basketball open gym for grades 4-12

East Ridge High School is holding an open physical education in grades 4-12. This is a summer-long session that will provide an opportunity for players to enter the gym and work on basketball skills by themselves. Supervision will be on hand at all times to provide guidance for these sessions. The open gymnasium will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, June 17-July 31, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The camp will not meet week.

East Ridge girls basketball summer shooting workouts

East Ridge is holding summer shooting and workouts for middle school-aged girls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from June 10 to July 31 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. The basketball shooting workouts are designed for East Ridge girls entering sixth, eighth, and seventh grades next fall and will include insistent game shots from game areas at game speeds, combined with the fundamentals. The work outs will contain various competitive game-like scenarios and will be headed by the East Ridge girls basketball coaching staff. Players will receive an East Ridge basketball T-shirt.

The COttage Grove Skating School is holding summer lessons on Monday evenings and Tuesday days June 16-Aug. 21 at Cottage Grove Ice Arena. Its educators and the Cottage Grove Skating School are ISCI certified under the direction. Lessons are provided for skaters of all ages and capacities. Their learn-to-skate program is made for recreational skating, hockey or figure skating. Skaters may be changed during the first few weeks to an alternate type to accomodate thier means. Helmets are needed for all skaters 5 and younger; bike helmets are OK. For a complete list of categories and times, see or cease by the CGIA office for a brochure. Register online at or by telephoning the Ice Arena office at 651-458-3400.

East Ridge football enrollment open

Football University Twin Cities camp

Football University’s Twin Cities football camp will take place June 27-29 at East Ridge High School in Woodbury. Football University is an invitation only, one of a kind football training expertise focusing on developing and improving the playmaking ability and skill of elite-level athletes in 6 th to 11th grade. The training is provided by the NFL coaches and players. Although FBU comes with an invitation only policy, sportsmen are strongly motivated to nominate themselve.
East Ridge football registration open

Athletic Association Football (ERAAF) program.

The season runs from early August through late October, and dates and practice times will be available closer to the start of season.

Groups including Kindergarten Flag, 1st 3rd Grade and /2nd Grade Flag Tackle.

Obama’s UC Irvine Commencement Speech Addressing Climate Change

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Hello, Anteaters! (Applause.) That is something I never thought I’d say. (Laughter.)

To President Napolitano–which is a pleasant step up from Secretary; to Fred Ruiz, Vice Chair Chancellor Drake; Representatives Loretta Sanchez and Alan Lowenthal; to faculty and the trustees — thank you for this honour. (Applause.)

Now, I would like to begin my saying you all had the inside track in getting me here is a proud Anteater. (Applause.) Until today, I did not understand why she greets me every morning by yelling “Zot, Zot, Zot!” (Laughter.) It is been a little weird. But my personal clarified it to me on the way here this morning, because she is very proud to see her brother, Sina, graduate today as well. (Applause.) (Applause.)

(Applause.) He really signed a bat that is part. (Laughter.) I will be keeping that. And it is quite a cool spot to hold a commencement. I understand that UC Irvine’s baseball team starts College World Series play (applause)–so let us get this address underway. (Laughter.)

Now, in additional to Ferial, grads, I’m here for an easy reason: You asked. For people who don’t understand, the UC Irvine community sent 10,000 postcards asking me to come discuss today. (Applause.) Some attempted to guilt me. (Applause.) Some attempted bribery: “I’ll support the Chicago Bulls.” Another said today would be your birthday –so happy birthday, whoever you happen to be.

(Laughter.) I’m certain she was talking relating to this school. But keep in mind, you’re not the number-one university in America younger in addition you hold the Guinness World Record for biggest water pistol fight. (Applause.) You are pretty excited about that. (Laughter.)

The phrase “rose-colored glasses” is about to take on a whole different meaning.

The phrase “rose-colored glasses” is about to take on a whole different meaning. A brand new firm called Tens has created without using technology shades that mimic the effects of Instagram filters. Needed? Likely not. But they are definitely trendy.
Tens are predicated on an easy principle. Image that classic-y Polaroid picture sheen which makes the images in your Instagram web feed seem so trendy. Now apply it to everything you see.

Affected by their collective foundation in photography and filmmaking, the threesome came up with the notion for Tens while on a road trip in Scotland. Now, they are trying to make the sunglasses a truth with the IndieGogo campaign. The campaign has already far surpassed the first financing goal established Thursday morning. Looks like Insta-eyeglasses are becoming a wearable truth.

It’s MENTAL! As long as our goal was made by us in the Indiegogo effort it’d enable us to begin the business; which was the main aim we always said. Some apparently confident part of me expected we’d hit our target this morning but it took us just under 2 hours to realize it. We’re all totally blown away!

Take a peek at the below GIF, which exemplifies the difference between traditional sunglass lenses and Tens. To ensure that you get a dark, cloudy effect the light dulls. Everything is brightened by tens to the stage of close oversaturation.

Polarized sunglasses have undoubtedly taken off

Ever since Sam Foster helped launch shades into mass production it is been a close call as to whether these tinted accessories appeal more to fashion or function. It’s both, this summer.
While it’s nice to see favored fashions come back into fashion – Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” anyone? – As look groovy and people look for shades to do substantially more than protect the eyes polarized glasses are all the rage.
“Polarized sunglasses have undoubtedly taken off,” said Cassie Denhaese, manager of Sunglass Hut in Towne West Square and co-supervisor of the Towne East Square location. Polarized sales have increased by 20 percent to date this year, she said.

Polarized lenses, which improve clarity by filtering light waves and decrease glare, cost about $50 more than nonpolarized shades but are popular among sports enthusiasts and pretty much anyone who has done a comparison evaluation, Denhaese said.

“Polarized lenses help individuals have clearer eyesight,” she said. “They improve eyesight, increase longevity and avoid squinting. They cost a bit more, but it’s worth it.”

This summer so what styles are trending? Those in the spectacle commerce say large -frame designs reminiscent of the 1970s are coming back into fashion to large lenses in classic designs as wearers flock. Old favorites like Wayfarers and aviators also are making a recovery, as are pastel-coloured frames, experts say.

A lot of glasses transfers and has product buyers who specially stay on top of trending styles.

“Lots of the exact same lines that would’ve been out in the ’70s are making just a little recovery,” she said. “Aviators are still pretty popular, and you have got your sporty spectacles, which are extremely popular. The sportier brands are coming out with a lot more frames that appeal to women as well.”

Vogue writers out of New York reported this year’s glasses crazes range from chunky- bold and outsize -round to cat’s eyes and bedazzled styles.

Which is obvious by looking at the embellished glamor adorning designer styles this year such as Coach and Versace to sassy and bold appearances from brands like Ray-Ban and Prada.

“Trending right now is large embellishments, studs and sparkles,” said Denhaese, the Sunglass Hut supervisor. “Many of our metals are selling better with the gold appearance, and several new styles are very bold. Basically, it defines you.”

Vogue apart, eye specialists warn that sunglasses have to be safe to wear no matter what trend, colour or the style. Buyers should consider whether a pair of sunglasses offers protection from dangerous ultraviolet radiation and are resistance to shattering.

Agpoon said while standard in many sunglasses, the lenses should have 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin around the eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of a person’s eye.

Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses, and they provide 100 percent protection from UV rays, specialists say. This is particularly essential for kids or grownups who are active in sports.

“Regardless of price, you should take a look at the safety aspects of what you are getting,” Agpoon said, warning buyers to be cautious about knock offs that do not have the level of lens safety that name brands generally do. “You also have to examine the optical quality of what you’re buying. A high quality pair will continue more.”

Yes, Rockman is his real last name. Really.

MONTREAL — Yes, Rockman is his real last name. Really. The name continues to be irresistible fodder for doubters over the years — something loads of people can’t bring themselves to believe because it is, frankly, just a bit too perfect for CHOM 97.7 FM disc jockey and veteran heavy metal vocalist Jason Rockman.
It may have appeared a bit too perfect for the brass to pass up when they were looking for a new on air voice almost five years past.

“I get it all the time,” Rockman says good naturedly. “I used to get it with my group (Slaves on Dope), and I get it a lot now with the work I do at the station. Everybody thinks it is a fake name. My name is the Rockman when I am on air, so when I was told by the station they were going to give me the name the Rockman I thought, ‘Man, that is cheesy.’ But it’s me since I love music and it makes sense, I love rock and it is my last name.

Some things are only supposed to be, and if Rockman’s work-related destiny was secured by a century-old penmanship malfunction, that’s excellent with the man who hosts Amped With the Rockman — featuring large, brash rock in the finest tradition of CHOM — five nights a week from 7 until midnight. And now Rockman can claim another plum tract of radio real estate with a brand new show, On the Record, on talk-radio sister station CJAD 800 (Saturdays from 7 to 9 p.m., and replaying Sundays in the 1-to-3 p.m. time slot).

“The entire notion of On the Record is to catch a high-profile man — a musician, a celeb, a public figure — and find out what makes them tick musically,” he explains. “Say, someone like Sugar Sammy. Folks understand him for his comedy and his onstage persona, but they do not necessarily know that his favourite all-time group is Culture Club.

“He is a serious romantic and a hardcore ’80s fanatic.”

In addition to Sugar Sammy, the show has welcomed Men Without Ozzy offspring Kelly Osbourne, former Hab Georges Laraque, Hats frontman Ivan Doroschuk, Quebec vedette Roch Voisine, star chef Chuck Hughes and Sean Lennon. On deck: celebrity Alan Thicke and performer Gregory Charles.

“Everybody likes talking about music; everybody has a first concert, and a desert island disc. So it’s not difficult to grab somebody and say, ‘Hey, let’s talk about music.’ And with most folks, their guard goes down 100 per cent and they merely want to share.”

On the Record enables Rockman to stretch out and gratify his bottomless, bred-in-the-bone inquisitiveness. This natural interest, combined with an ever-expanding universe of interests, figures conspicuously in his considerable skills as an interviewer. It is also an important part of the reason he’s to be found throughout Montreal’s media map nowadays, appearing and in his job as media co-ordinator for Montreal Comiccon.

It was not always this way.

Arriving at CHOM is, in no small way, Jason Rockman coming full circle.

“I grew up listening to CHOM, it was always on at my house, so it was a big deal for me when we won L’Esprit,” says Rockman. “To look around and see myself working here now … it’s rather odd.”

Formed in Montreal in 1993, Slaves on Dope shipped out to L.A. en masse in 1999 “because we’d exhausted all our chances in Canada.” The foursome had dwelt there exactly one year before they discovered themselves on Sharon Osbourne’s Divine Recordings label and in the lineup for the touring significant music festival Ozzfest, which they played.

“It was an incredible chance; I only wish it had continued a little longer,” he laments, “but after Napster and all that, everything just fell apart.”

The closing wheel came off the adventure when Rockman quit having had his fill of the nonstop touring rock ‘n’ roll life. Civilian life arrived as a shock that was quick, and with a life lesson.

“We’d been on the way for 10 months,” remembers Rockman. “I came home, we played a show in December, Christmas happened, and by mid-January I was working at a Sunglass Hut in Angrignon Mall.

“I remember being at work one day when this girl walks by, and then she walks by again, and then again, and finally she comes over and asks, ‘Are you the vocalist of Slaves on Dope?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ Then she asked if I was purchasing sunglasses, and I said, ‘No, I work here. I am the supervisor,’ ” he laughs. “And I recall she came back two days later with her album and I ‘d to sign it for her.

“It felt so degrading at the time, but it taught me a lot about humility,” he says. “I have ever been a person that looks at a situation and says, ‘OK, I am here, I’m going to make the best of it.’ That is how I ‘m — I am positive.”

He would move on and spend the following five years working for his dad at Rockman Trucking, during which time, after a six-year intermission, a leading positive appeared: Slaves on Dope regrouped and restarted, grownup fashion, at peace. It was the beginning of something. And soon another door that is quite surprising was to throw itself open.

Rodenstock UK has established new sunglasses in the Alfred Dunhill and Porsche Design ranges.

Rodenstock UK has established new sunglasses in the Alfred Dunhill and Porsche Design ranges.
Showcasing contrast-enhancing lenses, the Alfred Dunhill D1028 (pictured) also has a 21-degree front curve, giving the total wrap-around effect. The style has sides and a memory titanium bridge, which make it impact-resistant in addition to light and powerful. It’s a supra design, and features no bottom rim for an increased vision field.
Made from light polyamide material and designed with a 16-degree front curve, the Porsche Design sunglass style P8572 (imagined) is designed to be ‘worn anywhere with anything, without looking out of place.’ It’s targeted at people who want just one pair of sunglasses to cover all facets of everyday life.